We do not see things as they are.
We see things as we are.

Anaïs Nin

What is emic?

Emic /ˈiːmɪk/

Linguistics, Anthropology

Relating to the study or description of a culture in terms of its internal elements and its functioning rather than in terms of any existing external scheme.

In anthropology taking an Emic perspective means to view a situation through the eyes of another.  As individuals, organisations and cultures we all see the world and its problems through our own lens; bringing with us our assumptions, biases, and preconceptions.  Every individual and every society has their own blueprint of right and wrong and it is when people impose their values and worldviews onto others that conflict starts.  Avoiding this conflict starts with understanding – understanding not only our own goals, but understanding other perspectives.

Emic exists to advance the standard of unbiased behavioural research in complex environments.

Emic Consulting

A complex societal problem – be it radicalisation, forced marriage, illegal immigration, or armed conflict – is complex precisely because there are many different perspectives to the problem. Emic consulting works with government, NGO and commercial clients that seek to positively impact on these complex social issues.

We do this by providing research, strategy, and training that allows our clients to understand the multiple perspectives of the stakeholders involved. By understanding the internal cultural logic of the people affected by policy interventions, programmes or conflicts we offer our clients a level of human understanding that is the foundation to effective strategic communications; and to enduring, positive social change.

We believe that effective and appropriate research is the key to creating better solutions to the social problems that humanity encounters today, and will encounter tomorrow, and that understanding should always precede judgement.

It's not at all hard to understand a person;
it's only hard to listen without bias.

Criss Jami

We help our clients to think in new ways: to consider their own assumptions, and understand how social issues might be impacted through a behaviour change based approach. We are committed towards work that increases social value and resolves conflict for all stakeholders through an understanding of the emic perspective.

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