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Specialists in the cognitive dimension of military planning and execution

Operationalising social science for decision making

What is Emic?

Emic /ˈiːmɪk/

Linguistics, Anthropology
1.    Relating to or denoting an approach to the study or description of a particular culture in terms of its internal elements and its functioning rather than in terms of any existing external scheme.

In anthropology taking an Emic perspective means to view a situation through the eyes of another.  As individuals, organisations and cultures we all see the world and its problems through our own lens: bringing with us our assumptions, biases, and preconceptions.  Every individual and every society has their own blueprint of right and wrong and it is when people impose their values and worldviews onto others that conflict starts.  Avoiding this conflict starts with understanding – understanding not only our own goals, but understanding other perspectives.

What we do

Emic Consulting provides bespoke Social and Behavioural Science capabilities to NATO Defence and Security partner organisations





“Without question, some of the best education and mental stimulation since my university years. I miss it already.”

Course Trainee, Netherlands Armed Forces, 2019

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