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Social science tools for the defence and security sector

What we believe

Emic believes greater understanding will make for a greater world.

Research into understanding human behaviour can only exist on firm ethical foundations. Our ethical framework has been synthesised from gold standard approaches across academia and research bodies and comprises the key principles behind informed consent, confidentiality and anonymity, minimising harm while maximising benefits, scientific integrity and voluntary participation. Before any campaign or intervention can be conducted, it is crucial to determine if the intervention is appropriate, realistic, accounts for autonomy, dignity and welfare, explores potential unintended consequences and is scientifically grounded.

Core Principles: Our Foundation


Effective communication can save lives.


If you don’t understand why people do what they do, you don’t understand their emic logic.


The world is ultimately shaped by what people do, not by their thoughts or intentions.


Everything that can be seen or heard is a form of communication.


Mutual understanding means better decisions and outcomes for all sides.


People are fundamentally good and need to be treated with respect and dignity.


An evidence-based approach is the most effective way to learn and improve.

Image by Adam Kool
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